Scottish Events & Traditions

Scottish Events and Traditions


Highland games are held in Scotland throughout the Summer, and not just in the Highlands. The traditional sporting events are accompanied by piping and dancing competitions and attract locals and tourists alike. Some events are peculiarly Scottish, particularly those that involve trials of strength: tossing the caber (heaving a tree trunk into the air), throwing the hammer and putting the stone. The biggest Highland games are staged at Dunoon, Oban, and Braemar.


Scottish music is a huge part of Scottish culture. Spend any length of time here, a toe-tapping tune, a jovial dance and a hearty sing-a-long is almost a guarantee, and it's rarely a quiet affair. Traditional Scottish music still reverberates around the country. You'll hear street pipers blast the pipes, energetic fiddle sessions and the gentle melodies of folk songs echoing from inside pubs. So, what happens when you mix our traditional music with a spot of dancing? A proper Scottish night out!


If you're keen for a ceilidh, you’ve come to the right region. It’s a wonderful way to make new friends and show off your fancy footwork! A place that is famous for throwing a good party and its great ceilidhs is the Isle of Eigg. Don’t worry, there will always be a helpful soul on the dancefloor to show you the steps if you’re not sure. Can’t make it to the Isle of Eigg at the moment? You can also look out for ceilidhs taking place across the Highlands or join in our interactive ceilidh experience without moving a muscle!


The area is a haven for wildlife and the changing weather of spring brings out animals from their winter hides, which you can spot on cruises, walks, and more. Get off the beaten track on a Land Rover Safari at Glencoe or explore on the water with Loch Shiel Cruises for a chance to see golden eagles, among other birds of prey. Or why not wander through the Glenborrodale RSPB reserve in Ardnamurchan to discover birds and witness over 600 species of flowering plants? You can see why Lochaber is the Outdoor Capital of the UK: incredible scenery, wild visitors, and the UK’s deepest sea loch, Loch Morar. What will you spot here?

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